Ineligible Operations

Pizza/Food Delivery
Fuel Oil Dealers
Freight Forwarders
Driving Schools
Septic Waste Removal
Specialized or Timed Delivery
Armored Cars
Farm Vehicles
Catering Vehicles with Food Cooked/Sold from Vehicle
Junk, Metal, or Scrap Iron Dealer
Tree Removal
Tow Trucks
Sanitation/Garbage Haulers – Residential or Commercial Pickup
Newspaper Delivery
Real Estate Agents
PPTs without any Business Purpose
Sand & Gravel
Excavation, Mining, or Quarrying
Security Guard Operations
Salvaged Vehicles (exceptions made at underwriter's discretion)
Vehicles qualifying under the regional trucking program or one of the public auto programs.
Vehicles modified with special equipment, such as cranes, cherry pickers, and buckets.