Lines Of Business

Automobile Liability, Physical Damage, and General Liability

Liability Coverage/Limits

Up to $1,000,000 CSL.
Higher limits are available at the Underwriter’s discretion.

Physical Damage

Minimum $500 deductible for comp/collision.
Minimum stated value: $3,000
Units older than 10 years requires Underwriting approval. A current mechanic’s statement and photograph may be required at your Underwriter's discretion.


Sedans and minivans with capacity up to 7 passengers, excluding the driver.

Eligible Operations

For-Hire transportation of passengers. Insured must be dispatched from or a member of a radio group of association, or possess a medallion.
Demand-Response units with less than 24-hour prearranged pickup reservations.
New venture individuals and partnerships are acceptable with résumé or letter of experience indicating how many years he/she has experience operating a similar vehicle type.
In jurisdictions where owner-operators receive a discount, refer to the state-specific filing for eligibility and credit allowed.
Double shifts are eligible with proof of a current formal maintenance program.

Ineligible Operations

"Gypsy Cabs"
New venture corporations, unless there is previous insurance history which is favorable, and that can be substantiated.
Triple shifts.